Why Srishti?

One of the best things we can do for our children is to expose them sufficiently to nature and all the elements. During our camps we see many of the kids struggling with these little little things — they shudder stepping in the forest because of thorns or want to kill an insect the moment … Continue reading Why Srishti?

Doing what you truly care about!

Whenever you start something new, a million doubts could arise in your mind — will it work? Would this be better than what I was doing earlier? Would people ridicule this? What would they think about me? I have never done something like this before. Would I end up losing whatever I have? Maybe I should do this later when I’m in a better situation? Like this, so many uncomfortable questions could arise which make you think whether you should do it or not. Continue reading Doing what you truly care about!

Adiyogi’s night out!

It still amazes me how one man could do so much? And that ever since humanity existed, his influence has never waned.Which ever nook and corner of this world you visit, in some way it will have his indelible mark. What is it that he had that made the world sit up and clap, that made even the strongest bow down in reverence, that no human could ignore? Continue reading Adiyogi’s night out!

From 20 mins a day to 24 hours yoga!

In the last few years, one ritual that I have strived to keep is that of going into silence at the Isha center every 3 months or so. This involves cutting yourself off from all communication and just being on your own. So when you are in silence and no other external distractions, you get to know very soon whether you are in good company or not…which could be a hard reality check 🙂
I haven’t found anything more effective than the practice of silence regularly to keep you grounded and focused. It’s like those regular checkpoints where you try to temporarily pause whatever roles that you are playing in the world and just work upon yourself. If you have drifted away, this period of silence helps you come back on track and if you have been on track then this helps you accelerate. It doesn’t matter where you stand in your life – it always helps to spend a certain time in silence. Spending at least 3 days in silence every 3 months is a good way to get started.
I spent the last 7 days in silence at the Isha center and it was a truly touching experience. My yogic practices feel so much more  intense, so many compulsions have fallen off effortlessly, many questions within have been answered and it feels so much more alive! When I started on this spiritual path, 10 years back, I thought yoga was just about spending 20 minutes or so doing some breathing exercises or postures. Slowly this number kept on increasing and within a few years it became about 2 hours of yoga per day. When I completed the yoga teacher training, this number almost doubled and went on increasing until I finally realised that there seems to be no limit to this and that actually you have to get to 24 hours!!
Yes, 24 hours yoga! Which doesn’t mean that you leave everything and you are going to be sitting in an asana all the day and doing nothing else but just that your yoga has to transition from being a practice to a certain way of being. When this happens, every activity that you do can be used as a stepping stone towards your ultimate well-being and everything is sadhana. Your work is yoga sadhana, your family is yoga, whether you walk,  talk or eat, every act can be used to be in a state of yoga and not as a hurdle or obstacle in your spiritual path.

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Yogi Re turns 2!

t’s been 2 years now since I set out on this path of becoming a medium to transmit yoga. I felt it’s time to reflect on the journey so far .Admittedly I have been a hesitant entrant to this path — never had I imagined or planned that I would be doing something like this! In fact I recall that almost 8 years back when I had first volunteered for a Hatha Yoga program.
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A Note to All My Friends Who Care for Their Well-being!

If you are the procrastinating kind, where you keep on postponing your well-being, your happiness, your plans, your aspirations and whatever else you have longed to be, then please ignore this message…maybe the right day will come soon and then you can act! For the rest of you, who are longing to make each day, each moment count, and are in a hurry to shed your limitations, remove all those tearing bottlenecks that prevent you from being who you want to be.
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Yoga Magic — It’s Real!

Yet again came across a child who didn’t want to have anything to do with yoga and her mom had to coax and cajole her for quite a few days to even make her come and sit in the class.Just in 45 mins into the class, she said that she was getting more comfortable attending the yoga class and by the end of the 2 hour class, she wasnt ready to leave and pleading with her mom to send her for the Srishti kids yoga residential program this weekend!
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