10 years of Isha Yoga!

27 thoughts on “10 years of Isha Yoga!”

  1. Very nice to read this anna. You’re guidance and teaching had always with me. I became far better what I was before once I started my inner engineering and Hatha yoga practices. One should be regular to their practices and check out what miracles yoga can bring in their life. Thank you so much for this writings..

  2. Anna thanks for sharing your 10 years of experience with Isha .
    As you said all this is possible only because of Sadhgurus grace Anna.

  3. Its wonderful to read about your journey! Its also an assurance for me to be in this path whatever comes by. Wishing all your wishes to come true 🙂 You have given yourself to introduce yoga to so many others is really a great work! Namaskaram

  4. U are become an inspiration for me.mine journey is a lot different i also done my inner engineering in 2012,but still till date i am not been able to complete my mandala due to clinical depression but still will do it one day no mattw

  5. Anna, your journey is really inspiring and motivational. I am getting so many answers from this article. Thank you for sharing this article. Heartful namaskaram to Sadhguru to choose us and blessing us.????

  6. Anna,
    Thank you so much for reminding me what am I missing these days..Thank you for sharing your experience..!!

  7. Thanks for sharing. Was kind of reliving my yogic journey while reading your article. I did my IE in December 2009.

  8. Namaskaram Mukul Anna, thanks for sharing your experience. I have done Surya Shakti, jalaneti etc, the atmosphere created in the class, we felt like we are in ashram. I truely admire your hard work, dedication. Srishti program is one of the best program for children and sometimes for the inclusive with adults. My hearty best wishes to you.

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