Teaching kids – an acid test for yoga!

4 thoughts on “Teaching kids – an acid test for yoga!”

  1. After 3 days of srishti programme in may this year,i found my son brimming with energy and full of experiences like trekking;pottery making;running in rain and doing everything right to impress Mukul anna then it was time to listen to him carefully what was really so unique about Mukul anna? so i must say hats off to u mukul for being fantastic with the kids??

  2. Hi mukul,after reading this article I hv reached one conclusion to tk up this challenge again…which I dropped being in dilemma…whether it would be worth or just a waste of time n energy ….specially loved the last line of ur experience has touched my soul so deep..that I really feel grateful to God as well as the medium he connect us with to move on…
    I’m a Hatha YOGA instructor n taking small steps to reach higher goals. ?

    1. Thanks Shaveta for sharing your experiences and very happy if this had helped your journey in some way.. Wish you the best in life ??

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