Why Srishti?

One of the best things we can do for our children is to expose them sufficiently to nature and all the elements. During our camps we see many of the kids struggling with these little little things — they shudder stepping in the forest because of thorns or want to kill an insect the moment … Continue reading Why Srishti?

Doing what you truly care about!

Whenever you start something new, a million doubts could arise in your mind — will it work? Would this be better than what I was doing earlier? Would people ridicule this? What would they think about me? I have never done something like this before. Would I end up losing whatever I have? Maybe I should do this later when I’m in a better situation? Like this, so many uncomfortable questions could arise which make you think whether you should do it or not. Continue reading Doing what you truly care about!

Yogi Re turns 2!

t’s been 2 years now since I set out on this path of becoming a medium to transmit yoga. I felt it’s time to reflect on the journey so far .Admittedly I have been a hesitant entrant to this path — never had I imagined or planned that I would be doing something like this! In fact I recall that almost 8 years back when I had first volunteered for a Hatha Yoga program.
Continue reading Yogi Re turns 2!