What motivates you to keep up with your yoga practices?

8 thoughts on “What motivates you to keep up with your yoga practices?”

  1. ? Anna, after inner engineering I am addicted to Shambhavi… ? At least once a day ….wish I could do twice a day though. Motivation … peace that experience, physical flexibility with no aches at the end of the hectic day…. and Sadhguru s pearls of wisdom ♥️??

  2. For me, I was not at all consistent with my practices for more than 2 years after Shambhavi initiation. But after volunteering for the second time for IE, I have not stopped my practices & doing twice a day.

    During those 2 years, I have missed a lot of opportunities, which I could have made use of, if I had done my practices regularly.

    I want to be a good example of bad seeker and I do not want people to repeat the same mistakes that I did and lose out on tremendous possibilities ?

  3. Wonderful piece for people struggling to keep up with any practice. First time I shared it on face book.
    Shambhvi for me is like my daily fix. in military , lots people have regularly an alcoholic drink or two as routine.

  4. I do my practices regularly as an offering to Sadhguru Ji ?
    So i cannot even think to not to say Thank you to him for transforming my life so wonderfully ??

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