Yoga Magic — It’s Real!

One thought on “Yoga Magic — It’s Real!”

  1. Namaskar!
    I have met Mukul Anna in 2017. I learned Surya Shakti, Jalaneti and Bhakti Sadhana, I also attended Swasthya Program. It was so nice being with him and learning from him was the different experience. I was feeling like I am at Coimbatore ashram. The positive energy in the hall was in full. I like Mukul Anna’s 100% dedication and involvement in his teaching, I could experience his caring nature. I recommended my family and friends to attend his classes. I decided to send my grand daughter Ria for Srishti in Diwali vacation. I can see the fundamental changes in Ria. She is better now in her studies. She practices Yoga taught in Srishti. I am feeling very happy. I feel every child around me should get an opportunity to learn Yoga and nature awareness from Mukul Anna, I keep forwarding his messages in all my WhatsApp groups. Wishing Mukul Anna All the very best, in these days we need the dedicated, loving, caring like Mukul Anna.
    Thanks a lot.
    Pratibha Patil.

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